We support innovative industrial companies to grow their business

We are an independent investment company that invests in Benelux, UK and Germany based companies that develop innovative industrial products with sales up to EUR 50 million.

Our hands-on investment strategy is to build better businesses together with management. We have an active approach and partner with management teams in realizing the growth potential of their company. This may either be growth by internationalizing, transforming business models, increasing sales and marketing activities or buy & build.

As the owners of Pindustry we are the single investors in our own fund. We put our own money at risk in contrast to traditional private equity firms that have low general partner contribution. We consider ourselves entrepreneurs with committed capital and take pride in the companies we invest in. In their products, services and their people. When we invest, we fully commit ourselves.


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We build better businesses together

When we say we have a hands-on approach, we mean it. We all have extensive line management experience and fulfilled CEO and CFO positions in the industry, or currently still are, providing active support to the management teams we partner with.

The companies that we invest in can count on the expertise of the Pindustry team, and also the knowledge on internationalization, industrial marketing, product development and sourcing, available within the Verder Group network worldwide, is open to the Pindustry partners. In some cases even sharing non-core services with Verder companies such as office space or financial administration can create more value for money.

As Pindustry is exclusively funded by its owners and disposes of an unleveraged equity availability of EUR 20 million, decision making is swift. Introduction to closing in a time frame of eight weeks is no exception. Our time horizon is open-ended. Unlike traditional private equity funds we do not invest in companies for a limited period of time. That’s because we believe it takes time to build better businesses and one should take the time to optimize value.

Track record: Pindustry has invested in 6 companies since 2014.

Our focus

Pindustry’s criteria to evaluate a potential investment opportunity are:

  • Companies located in Benelux, Germany, United Kingdom
  • Turnover between EUR 2 million – EUR 50 million
  • Active in B2B industry
  • Companies with focus on development and with a (potentially) strong brand
  • Qualified, capable and ambitious management
  • A clear business model or concept
  • A solid and broad based customer core
  • Knowledge broadly embedded throughout the organization
  • No structural overcapacity in the market in which the company is engaged
  • No small player in a market in which scale counts
  • Opportunity for Pindustry to add value by contributing with knowledge and expertise

Participation to be considered per investment.



Partners in industry

Automatic milking systemscase-aerox
From generation to generation Fullwood has developed innovative milking solutions. Nowadays the Fullwood M2erlin is the next generation of automatic milking systems and is ready to take milk production to the next level.
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Industrial odour controlcase-aerox
Aerox is a world leading odour control specialist and its technology is considered best available technology by most local governments and authorities. The Aerox-Injector system eliminates odours that are produced in industrial processes.
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case-hydroverWater purification technology
Hydrover has developed an ecological water treatment system that disinfects water without the use of chemicals. In this way a water quality is obtained that is safe for humans and the environment alike.
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High pressure technology
Resato is one of the leading manufacturers in the field of high pressure technology, developing high pressure components and systems up to 14,000 bar.
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Non-toxic fouling defence technologypindustry-micanti-homepage
Micanti has developed a 100% non-toxic fouling defence technology which is applied on the hull of a vessel that prevents marine growth such as mussels and barnacles.
Case story Micanti >


Case stories

Our background

Pindustry was founded by Andries Verder, Tjalko Reedijk and Steef Klop. Andries, owner and CEO of the Verder Group, has over the last decade strategically developed the Group – which is based on the two pillars Verder Liquids (pumps) and Verder Scientific (laboratory equipment) – to an annual turnover of EUR 250 million consisting of 44 companies present in 24 countries. Andries with Tjalko (former board member of the Verder Group) and Steef (current CFO of the Verder Group and former PWC partner) felt the ambition to support innovative industrial companies to expand their business. Not as a bank for funding only, nor as private equity for smart financial engineering. But by teaming up and supporting management teams in achieving their goals.

Early 2014 Pindustry was founded to realize this ambition, operating as an independent investment company stand alone from the Verder Group. Pindustry is run by Tjalko Reedijk as Managing Partner.



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