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Hands-on investment support for sustainability pioneers


Are you ready to take your business to the next level? Let’s make that happen – together! We are independent, hands-on investors with a passion for technology and sustainability. When we decide to invest in your business, we put our capital, expertise, and active engagement to work. We are flexible, pragmatic, and able to act swiftly.

Benefit from our expertise

When we say ‘hands-on’, we mean it. We want to help you achieve your growth ambitions and generate long-term value for all your stakeholders. That can’t happen if we limit our support to attending regular Supervisory Board meetings. Instead, we play an active role in shaping growth strategies and action plans. Our involvement is hands-on and informal, while giving you sufficient freedom in day-to-day operations.

Take your company global

We’re closely related to the Verder Group, a family-owned manufacturer of pumps and laboratory equipment with a broad international network and technology expertise. This allows us to bring the full resources of the Verder Group’s global platform – know-how, internationalization, industrial marketing, product development and sourcing expertise, and even offices – to your company, accelerating your growth potential and your impact.


We’re passionate about helping innovative, sustainable technologies impact more lives.

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Aerox strengthens industrial air purification position with innovative 3D printed catalysts

27 November 2023

Resato Hydrogen Technology sponsor of the European Cycling Championships in Drenthe

7 September 2023

Aerox15,000,000 noses breathing clean air every day

Resato Hydrogen TechnologyWater is the only by-product from our hydrogen cars

Resato High-pressure Technology14,000 bar pressure testing to ensure zero oil leakage in our oceans

A reduction of 30,000,000 CO2 pollution every year

Resato Waterjet
17,000,000 ‘Tompoezen’ cut by our waterjet every year

Valveco1,000,000 valves delivered per year

“The partnership with Pindustry and their expertise enables us to strengthen and expand Valveco’s growth opportunities and competitive position. With Pindustry we are taking new steps to prepare for the future.”

Peter Toes & Ronald Toes
Team Valveco

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