Aerox strengthens industrial air purification position with innovative 3D printed catalysts

27 November 2023

International attention for improving air quality is growing. Poor air quality is caused by, among others, the emission of 1) Ammonia, NOx (nitrogen crisis), 2) Odours/VOC (nuisance/health risk for local residents and 3) greenhouse gases, e.g.: methane (climate crisis). Industry and intensive livestock farming contribute to these harmful emissions. The current available air purification techniques are not effective enough or too expensive, which means that the emission problem is not adequately solved.

Aerox has the solution through its Aerox-RCO: an effective air purification technology by combining the techniques of 3D metal printing and catalytic oxidation. The design freedom of 3D printing significantly improves the catalytic oxidation process through optimized contact between the contaminants and the catalyst surface. Coupled with high thermal efficiency, this process intensification ensures that a broad spectrum of emissions can be removed with an efficiency of more than 98%. The maintenance-friendly technology provides the customer with a cost-effective way to reduce their emissions and their license to operate.

Further details: Aerox RCO – Aerox

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