This is how we work

Who we work with

We invest in attractive sectors where we can most effectively put our own experience to work to create real value and growth. And that requires a good personal fit with the management team, and a shared vision of the company’s future. Our goal? Building better businesses, together, with a firm focus on long-term growth.

Companies we invest in typically meet the following criteria; however, we assess every investment on its individual merit:

  • Located in the Benelux, Germany, or United Kingdom but with an international focus
  • Turnover between EUR 1 million – EUR 50 million
  • Active in B2B industry
  • A focus on developing innovative industrial products, with a (potentially) strong brand
  • Qualified, capable, and ambitious management
  • A clear business model or concept
  • A solid and broad customer base
  • Knowledge broadly embedded throughout the organization
  • In a market with no structural overcapacity
  • Not a small player in a market in where scale counts

How we support our companies

We come in at the time of a generation change, or when there is a need for capital in order to grow: through international expansion, for example. We work in close partnership with the company’s management, with the aim to become an open and reliable partner. We usually take a majority stake, and will always be represented on the company’s Board, where we can help drive strategic decisions.

Verder Group: international reach

Do you have international ambitions? We are part of the Verder Group, a family-owned manufacturer of pumps and laboratory equipment with a broad international network and technology expertise. This allows us to bring the full resources of the Verder Group’s global platform – know-how, internationalization, industrial marketing, product development and sourcing expertise, and even office space and financial administration support – to your company, accelerating your growth potential. More on Verder Group



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