Industrial odour control

Measurable odour control that protects people’s lives and companies’ reputations

Aerox B.V. in Vleuten, the Netherlands, is one of the world’s leading odour control specialists. Aerox-Technology is the most environmental-friendly technology available on the market and is recognized as B.A.T (Best Available Technique) by governments, authorities, and companies alike. Aerox is an approved supplier of market leaders in the animal feed, pet food, oil seed processing and tobacco sectors.

The Aerox®-Injector: clean air for everyone
The Aerox®-Injector removes odors from everyday operations, enabling companies to comply with emission regulations while creating a healthier, fresher environment inside and outside their factories. Using non-thermal plasma injection technology, it transforms clean air into active oxygen, which then oxidizes the odorous components in the process air flow.

The challenge
Odour reduction standards and requirements for the industry are becoming increasingly stricter; not just for odours but also for VOCs (volatile organic components).

Our role
Pindustry actively supports Aerox’ international growth ambitions. Here’s what we have done since we became involved in 2014:

  • Built a successful management team
  • Designed a product roadmap which resulted in the current Aerox-Injector
  • Increased the focus on productization, enabling faster and more controlled introduction of the Aerox-Injector in international markets
  • Facilitated the move to a new factory and offices

The Aerox®-Injector has been successfully installed in over 250 systems worldwide, across a broad range of industries and applications.

Currently, we’re working on the Mark III, the next-generation odour control solution. This technology is expected to be even more effective than the current Aerox-Injector (> 90%) and more energy efficient.

15,000,000 noses breathing clean air every day

Facts & figures

  • Founded in 1974. The Aerox®-Injector was launched in 1994
  • Part of Pindustry since 2014
  • Head office: Vleuten, the Netherlands
  • Managing Director: Michiel Wildschut
  • Sales Director: Pieter Leenders
  • Turnover: EUR 9 million in 2021
  • Over 20% growth, year on year
  • Pindustry holds 100% of the shares

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Michiel Wildschut

Michiel Wildschut
Managing Director Aerox

“By working with Pindustry we’ve been able to market a groundbreaking and crucial product that helps factories meet stringent requirements, avoid complaints, and protect their brand. Pindustry brought much-needed focus to our product development efforts, and their industrial marketing expertise and international network were crucial in getting our products to customers outside of our existing markets.”

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