Industrial odour control

Aerox B.V., with its headquarters in Vleuten, the Netherlands, is one of the world’s leading odour control specialists. The Aerox-Technology is considered as B.A.T (Best Available Technique) by governments, authorities and companies alike and is the most environmental friendly technology available on the market. Therefore, Aerox is approved supplier at several market leaders such as animal feed, pet food, oil seed processing and tobacco.

With the Aerox-Injector we destroy the odours that are produced in industrial processes. It can help factories to minimize their emissions in order to comply with laws and legislation, but most important: fresh air for your neighbours. The Aerox-Injector has been successfully installed in over 250 systems worldwide in a wide range of different industries and applications.

Since the beginning of 2014 Pindustry, as major shareholder, actively supports Aerox in reaching its goals.

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