Packo Cooling
Cooling and Heating Solutions

Cooling and heating solutions for better milk quality, hygiene, and returns

Smart technologies are transforming farming with ever-more-efficient and sustainable processes.

Proper cooling and storage are imperative for high quality fresh milk. Harnessing the latest innovative technologies, Packo Cooling’s smart cooling solutions are designed to ensure safe and hygienic storage that preserves milk quality.

Products include horizontal and vertical cooling tanks, ice water cooling, and an Eco-Line that helps farmers get the most out of their resources, while reducing water and electricity consumption, and the environmental footprint.

Today, Packo storage tanks are helping farmers in over 90 countries optimize their milk income.

50,000,000 liters of fresh, quality milk daily

Facts & figures

  • Founded in 1964
  • Head office: Zedelgem, Belgium
  • Part of Pindustry since 2018
  • 90 employees
  • Turnover: EUR 19 million in 2021
  • Pindustry holds 100% of the shares

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