Marine Valves and Actuators

Totally invalved

Valveco is a leading international valve company in the supply of marine valves, actuators, pipe couplings, air vent heads, flanges and services for the maritime and offshore markets.

In addition to this trading component, the company distinguishes itself by engineering its own butterfly valves. They also modify valves at their workshop to meet customer specifications.

Valveco is an energetic company where quality is not only a prerequisite, but also the highest goal.

Valveco achieves this goal by investing in people and technology, through international expansion and by broadening our activities.

Valveco is always ‘totally invalved’.

All of the services of Valveco are aimed at getting the right product to the right place at the right time.


1,000,000 valves delivered per year

Facts & figures

  • Founded in 1998
  • Head office: Barendrecht, the Netherlands
  • Part of Pindustry since 2022
  • Branches in Portugal, Spain, Poland. and the US

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Peter Toes & Ronald Toes

“The partnership with and the expertise of Pindustry will enable Valveco to strengthen and expand its growth opportunities and competitive position. That’s how we will take new steps to be ready for the future.”

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