• 2003 Founded
  • 2015 Part of Pindustry
  • CEO: Rudy Ostlender
  • Turnover 1,2 million euro in 2015
  • Patent granted in 28 countries

Water purification technology

Hydrover has developed an ecological water treatment system that disinfects water without the use of chemicals. In this way a water quality is obtained that is safe for humans and the environment alike. The basis of Hydrover’s solutions is a revolutionary method of disinfection and oxidation called A.B.O.T.: Advanced Bipolar Oxidation Technology. This patented ecological method of water treatment, developed by the Hydrover R&D department, enables the company to provide top quality water in an energy efficient way, without the use of chlorine, ozone, UV or other chemicals.

Supported by Pindustry the inventors and entrepreneurs of Hydrover currently work on patenting its technology in 28 countries, realizing a next generation fully standardized product and the capacity for up scaling production. Parallel, the product is currently introduced in eight European countries.

Office and production of Hydrover is based in Madrid, Spain.

Pindustry partnered in 2014 and holds the majority of the shares of Hydrover.

More information: www.hydrover.eu