Tjalko Reedijk

Founder & Managing Partner

MY FIRST JOB Boer & Croon Strategy and Management Group
I STUDIED Business Economics at Erasmus University Rotterdam
I AM a people person. I am very intuitive when it comes to people and strategy – especially in difficult situations. I enjoy finding solutions that respect all the stakeholders
FOR ME, PINDUSTRY is THE platform for my business ambitions, and where I get to have fun at the same time
MY RESPONSIBILITIES: I structure deals, determine strategies, drive technology innovation, and inspire the management team
MY BUSINESS STRENGTHS are strategy, industrial technology innovation, listening, internationalization, and pushing for maximum results
I HAVE to win. In any game or business, a winner’s mentality is crucial. Investors must be constantly creative in order to find and capture opportunities. And they must work together as a team. Every entrepreneur is different, and needs a unique approach
I DON’T LOVE our dog when it’s raining
I’M PROUD OF crossing the Atlantic on a 35ft. yacht with my wife

tjalko reedijk

Tjalko Reedijk

  • Founder & Managing Partner Pindustry
  • Entrepreneur
  • Great people skills
  • Creative problem solver


Focus areas:

  • Strategic direction
  • Industrial technology innovation
  • Company internationalization
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