Valveco and Pindustry partner up

26 October 2022

When Peter Toes and Ronald Toes, owners of Valveco, were looking for a partner to support their growth ambitions they found a great match in Pindustry. As third brother, we bring the necessary resources to strengthen this exceptional family business’ position in current markets and expand into new ones. Valveco and Pindustry have entered a collaborative partnership starting 10 October 2022. The partnership aims to strengthen Valveco’s growth opportunities and competitive advantage and expand into new markets.

Valveco is a leading international supplier of valves, actuators, pipe couplings, air vent heads, flanges, and services for the maritime and offshore sector. From its HQ in Barendrecht, the Netherlands, Valveco serves a network of strategic locations in Portugal, Spain, Poland, and the United States that provide customers with local delivery and tech support.

Pindustry is an independent investment company. Its founders share the same ambition: enable innovators of industrial products in the Benelux, the UK and Germany, with a turnover of up to 50 million Euro, to grow their business and their impact. Pindustry does this by helping the companies realize their strategic goals, supporting the management team with financial, strategic, and hands-on support.

Peter and Ronald Toes, Valveco owners: “Valveco has been active for almost 25 years now. We’re proud of our family company and are ready for the next stage, and for further growth”.

Andries Verder, Pindustry co-founder: “Valveco is an exceptional Dutch trading company with a strong family DNA. Peter and Ronald Toes are ambitious, knowledgeable, internationally active, and fortunately, also no-nonsense entrepreneurs. Exactly what we look for in a partner.”

Tjalko Reedijk, Pindustry co-founder: “Valveco has been working on a number of strategic themes that we have extensive experience with, both good and not-so-good. Our learnings over the years have made us stronger and enable us to be a valuable business partner to Valveco.”


The partnership is a logical next step for Valveco. Pindustry’s expertise in internationalization, industrial marketing, product development and purchasing will increase Valveco’s growth opportunities and strengthen its competitive edge in the international market.

No organizational changes

The partnership will not affect Valveco employees, customers, or suppliers, and the current management will continue to execute the strategy.

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