Valveco celebrates its 25th anniversary

16 May 2023

On the 1th of May 2023, Valveco celebrated its 25th anniversary. Peter and Ronald Toes founded Valveco 25 years ago. “We could never have dreamed that today we would be celebrating our 25th anniversary. No one establishes a company knowing exactly how that company will develop. Let alone being allowed to celebrate the 25th anniversary”, says Peter Toes.

The special milestone was celebrated on 12th of May together with a group of 80 employees, including those working and living abroad. “Valveco is one big family and we take care of each other. That is why we continue looking for possibilities to grow.” In 2022 Peter and Ronald searched for a ‘third brother’ to support them in their entrepreneurial journey. Pindustry entered as collaborative partner with the aim to strengthen Valveco’s growth opportunities and competitive advantage and expand into new markets.

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