Verder International B.V. in Top 3 of SME manufacturing companies

22 May 2014

Verder is once again in the Top 3 of Dutch SME manufacturing companies. This year, the company came second, one place higher than in 2013. The Manufacturing Industry Top 100 list is compiled by Management Team in cooperation with Mazars Berenschot. Companies with a Dutch parent and a maximum turnover of 500 million euros are assessed by the jury against four criteria: turnover, turnover growth, EBITDA and ROIC.

With this achievement, Verder International has shown that Dutch manufacturing companies can play an important role in their sector worldwide. Over the past year, the company managed to improve in all areas that were examined. According to Andries Verder (CEO), this growth is mainly due to the companys three mainstays: focus, innovation and internationalisation.

Andries Verder: In the technological niche markets in which we operate, it is vital to keep supplying top-quality products at all times. So it is crucially important that we continue to improve our products and develop new, innovative technologies. Besides this, since we started our business, we have always been looking beyond our own national boundaries. For example, we are currently realising 80 percent of our turnover outside the Netherlands. And during the past year, we were able to make a number of important acquisitions, we established new branches internationally and we became involved in several international cooperative ventures. In this way, over the past year, we expanded our market but we were also able to grow in our core countries.

An interesting detail is that around 60 percent of the companies in the Top 100 list are in Verders customer portfolio. Moreover, Verders second place on the list not only gives a positive signal to customers and prospects it also shows prospective (technical) employees that the company is an attractive employer.


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