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We are founders, engineers, managers, go-to-market experts, and hands-on investors.

Andries Verder

Founder & Partner
tjalko reedijk

Tjalko Reedijk

Founder & Managing Partner

Erik Harms


Willem Jan Bittink

Investment Director

Jetse van de Kamp


Our journey together started with the long-term ambition of Andries Verder and Tjalko Reedijk to enable innovative industrial companies to expand their business. Not as a bank or private equity offering only smart financial engineering, but as a hands-on partner, working closely with management to achieve their growth goals.

And in 2014, Andries and Tjalko made this ambition a reality, by founding Pindustry.

Tjalko runs Pindustry, as Managing Partner. A long-time Verder Group Board member, he drives technology innovation and brings a powerful mix of strategic thinking and know-how about motivating management teams, including in times of crisis.

Andries is owner and CEO of Verder Group. Over the last decade, he has expanded the Group to include 50 companies in 24 countries, with a joint annual turnover of EUR 450 million. Andries always finds the best growth strategy for a B2B company.

Erik Harms joined Pindustry as CFO in 2016. Specialized in performance and value analysis, he brings M&A experience and a canning ability to see the bigger picture, without losing sight of the details.

What that means for you

As the owners of Pindustry, we are the single investors in our own fund. Unlike traditional private equity firms with low general partner contribution, we put our own money on the line for your company. That means we are with you for the long haul and will pull out all the stops to ensure your long-term success.

With an unleveraged private equity of EUR 50 million at our disposal, we can take quick decisions. A timeframe of eight weeks from introduction to closing is no exception.

When we choose to invest in your company, we also contribute our wealth of experience and knowledge, plus our broad network. We guide you through every step: from product development to internationalization to marketing and distribution.

We believe in the transformative power of technology and are passionate about using it to create a better future, by supporting the growth and financial strength of pioneers and innovators.

Pindustry has invested in nine companies since it was founded in 2014.

Read more on how we work here.


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